Enough with the Rain

And the weather forecast is ..Rain… Like everyone else… we have had it with the rain. The weather is making working at the Love Shack a challenge, to say the least.

It seems every thing we need to do is involving the word water lately. If we aren’t fixing the water problems, then we are getting unwanted water from the sky.

When under the house last weekend, we discovered another minor problem. It seems that some of the cinder-blocks under the house, which are supports, have got a few cracks in them.

The big plan for this weekend was to jack up the area and replace the blocks. This seemed like a good idea since we would already be under the house running the new plumbing. That plan got moved forward because we have had so much rain, the ground is to wet and to soft to place jacks on.

This moved us to other plans.

The old deck has a few problems, the stairs were falling off and a few boards were rotting( dam water again). There were also no gates built to keep Romeo on the deck. So with the shift in the weather, came the shift in the plans.

This weekend the old deck got a few new boards, the old stairs were ripped out and replaced on the deck, and two gates were added to keep Romeo in.

The hot water tank that died of old age was replaced. New taps were put in the kitchen sink, replacing the other ones, that also died of old age and the stove was hooked up.

I now can cook inside. With that excitement, I went out and bought a cupboard to store kitchen stuff in. That sent me out on a mission to buy a toaster, can opener and real silver-wear. One can only eat off of plastic for so long.

I have hot water in the bathroom sink and next week we will try( again) for hot water in the kitchen.

I also made a trip to buy the last of the supplies for the bedrooms. Pillows. I walked out of the mall looking like the Michelin Man. My five foot frame, surrounded by ten pillows got a few looks as I walked or rather shuffled to the car.


Gendered Media in Sports Illustrated | Edukates's Blog:
The Michelin Man


Do you see a pattern here? Yes, I am still determined to be able to stay and work at the cottage.

I think we have learned a lot from the cottage, but patience’s, is the largest thing we learned. You see every-time we have a plan, we seem to need to have a Plan B.

Tomorrow, Romeo and I are going up for the day. Back to painting those built-ins. No matter what the weather is, there is always something that needs to be done at the Love Shack.

Little by little, step by step, we will persevere.




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