Oh Love Shack, What’s With You and The Water?


After the break-in and car theft incident, we were put two weeks behind on the work at the Love Shack. I am happy to say, that the insurance company got things settled quickly. We have a new car and tools, and are back to work.

This weekend at the cottage has been such a busy one that I will have to do a short synopsis to cover it.

We will start off with the Built-Ins.

When I found this idea on-line to do, it looked perfect for the cottage. It also made more sense to build the beds in than to buy a set of bunk beds. We sat down with the idea and made some changes, drew up some blue prints and off to building we went.

What none of us realized when we stated this project is that it was actually going to take over ten full days of work to build it. But, it will be time well spent.

This project had lots of helpers, The Weekend Warriors came up all three days this long weekend to work with us. We had different teams on each day, doing different parts of the work.

It was a pleasure to be back at the cottage. The work went by fast and so did the days. The chatter was back and the energy was back.

With all hands on deck, here is what got done in bedroom number two.

The framing was built and then rebuilt. New ideas came to mind and adjustment had to be made.


saturday sart
Husband with the base of the built-ins on Saturday.


Once the structure was built, all the wood had to be primed. Karen started it on Saturday and I finished it on the Sunday.


Karen starting the fisrt priming
Karen just getting started with the priming as the other part of the bed were being built.


The stairs to get on the top bunk. The two open stairs will have door that close so we can use that area for storage.


On Monday, Chris and Vania came in to doing the painting. The girls got the white paint on the structure and got the pocket doors painted. In the next two weeks I need to get back up there to paint the stairs.

bed 2 2
By Monday the beds were built and the girls did an excellent job with the painting. View from the door of the bed frames and railing.


bed 2 1
The two open areas under the stair frame are going to be closets.


The railing spindles color will be the new color for the back wall.


On that happy note… I also decided to changes the color of the back wall. The blue that is on there does not work for the room, so with that in mind the color of the blue trim will also now become the back walls color.

Husband will be doing the final wall painting of the walls, as he is the one with the most steady hands. Once that is done, we still need to put the lighting in. But we are that much closer to having bedroom two done.

Bedroom number one also got some attention.

Sean got to work doing the last of the details in bedroom one. The Curtains are hung, the blinds are up and the art work is on the walls. Unfortunately, I purchased the wrong brackets to mount the TV’s… so back to the store I must go.

sean start final touches
Sean starting the finishing touch in bedroom one.


Bedroom one is now stacked with all the lines and pillows for both beds, patiently waiting for the last touches to make them real rooms.


art work
Bedroom one now is ready to use.


So what else was going on you ask… Husband and Brad had many projects going on. The Saturday was spent building the details of bedroom one. The Sunday they started working on the water for the cottage.. Oh not the water… Yes the water… First they installed the hot water tank. I was so excited I was going to have hot water in both the bathroom and kitchen…. No more taking the dishes back and forth each day to wash. I was so excited…

So the hot water tank got installed and it was time to connect the hot water. Or maybe not!

It seems our Love Shack likes to give us problems when it comes to water.

The next two days were spent under the cottage and running pipe lines to find out… That first, the water lines under the house have never been connected to the holding tank. WHAT?

Yes, only the toilet is connected to the holding tank… All new plumbing is going to be needed to connect the drains and lines to the tank… But off course, first they had to be added before they could be connected.

It also seems that the kitchen taps have not been used in so many years, that well, you guessed it. We need new taps as the taps are rusted. But at least we will have hot water in the bathroom sink, Right?

Wrong, so the hot water tank is also so old that it also does not work. Next weeks purchases, pipes, taps and a hot water tank.

OK, so we ran the basic lines for the water, I have cold water in both sinks. The built-ins are getting close to being finished and except for the TV, bedroom number one is done and it can now be slept in.

We have doors on the bedrooms. We bought a cabinet and now have a place to put food and dishes, and in another two weeks, we will be able to stay there and have hot water. And a big Woo Hoo, the stove will be hooked up by then. No more barbecuing  in the rain…….

Did I mention… Dam, we are tired.






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