Happy Anniversary to the Love Shack

On May 13, 2016, the Love Shack officially became our. The year went by so fast, it’s hard to believe that we have had her a year. She is now 72 years old and getting better every day.

With that in mind a little looking back is always fun, and a nice reminder of how far we have come.

We started our first weekend with getting a bin delivered to gut the house.


the bin was deleived
Weekend one. The big blue garage bin was delivered.


The the Weekend Warriors started to take down the old walls.

Down came the Kitchen.

kitchen 1
Chris taking down the upper cabinets


kitchen 2
Vania starting off with her power drink.


Bedroom number three was removed , and made way for a larger kitchen that will still be built.

carlos and nikki taking up floor
Nikki and Carlos pulling up the floors before knocking down the walls in bedroom number 3


Johnny pulled apart and took down bedroom number 2

taking down 2
Saying good-bye to bedroom number 2


And Enrico took down bedroom number 1.


des 3
Down came number 1


Brad setting up the temporary electrical for the power tools.


They had me on steadily carry the garbage out and shooting the pictures, while our friend Barry hid from the camera, but never the work, helping everyone out.

Barry.. the guy who tried to hide from the camera


And Coco supervised all that was going on, especially the dining tent and the cooking.

coco supervising
Coco supervising



And soon we had bare walls.

des 9
The floors, ceilings and walls are all gone.


And the next day we started building.  The sub-floors were laid.


c and s 1
Chris and Sherri screwing down the sub-floors.


Then came the collar ties.


top beams
Support beams


Next came the framing of the bedroom walls.


both room


Followed by the electrical.


Chris became Enrico’s right hand girl, and learned how to run electrical.


We stopped working to have the Families First Birthday Party at the Cottage.


Emilio, Jesse and Enrico


Sean and Karen


Then the Cistern came and we had fresh water.

A New Cistern being placed.


Chris introduced us to Ed, and we put him to work helping with the insulation.

20160724_191417 (1)
Insulation in the walls





The dry wall for bedrooms one and two went up next.


room 1
We had ceilings and walls.


Some new windows got put in.


enrcio and window
Out with the old windows.


enrci nad mario
Enrico and Mario building the frames for the new windows.


And the wall behind the Cast Iron Stove got built.


View of the wall


Then came time for a little fun with the Weekend Warriors Barbecue and War Games.


The Weekend Warriors
The Junior Warriors


The Cast Iron Stove was put in.


The new stove with piping attached.


The hard wood floors were laid in bedroom one and two.


The New Floors were added and the Trim was done.


Fall came along, and we had out first Thanksgiving at the Cottage and painted bedrooms one and two.


Sean hard at work.


Karen hard at work.


The concert pad was poured for the propane tank and next we had heat.


Hand prints on the Concrete Slab.


With the bedrooms painted, the furniture was put into bedroom one.


coco 1
Coco was the first to try out the new bed.


Sadly, that night we lost our Coco, to Heart Disease.

It was getting to be the end of our season and time to shut down for the Winter. Before we did that we had one last trip to head up to close her down and to introduce our new member of the family, Romeo, to the Love Shack.


Romeo in his Winter Jacket at the Love Shack at 3 months old.


Over the Winter, we have back up to check on her every month. Sense then, we had some more water problems, the holding tank lid had shifted. That was fixed in April.



Romeo is now nine months old and weighing in at eighty-five pounds. He had his first walk on the beach and he loved it.


romoe and daddy april 2017
Romeo at 9 months old. His first walk on the beach. April 2017



We have been back at the cottage, and the built-ins in bedroom number 2 are in the process of being built.

Shopping, shopping and more shopping has been done to get ready for more work.

And here we are one year later, Still loving the Love Shack.

Now it’s time for the Weekend Warriors to dust off their tools… It Cottage Building Time.

Happy Anniversary to the Love Shack.























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