Break-in Entry and Grand Theft Auto

On this blog, we try to always keep things on the happy side, but sometimes things happen in life and this weekend, things happened.

At 5:55 Am on Saturday morning, Romeo woke us up to a surprise that we won’t forget soon. Let me share the story with you.

Friday evening, we packed up the car with all the tools we needed to head to the cottage to get back to working on the built-ins. The gas tank in the car was filled, and at the crack of dawn, we were to be cottage bound.

The alarm clock was set for 6 Am, but Romeo woke us up first. We thought he had to go out for his morning potty break when instead of heading to the back door, he went to the front window. Husband followed him to the front window to see what he was looking at.

There was a man walking in front of the house. Husband found that suspicious because he was looking at the house instead of just walking by. The inside of the house was still dark, but it was light outside, so he could see the man, but the man could not see him.

As he watched the male person walk, he did not walk by the house, instead he walked into the driveway.  The driveway that we had left our car park, packed with all our tools. That would be the driveway that the car and tools were no longer parked in. The car was gone.

The man proceed to walk down the driveway, where my car was parked and to Husband shock, our dining-room window was open.

Someone or someones, had broken the lock on our dining-room window when we were sleeping and had come into the house. They stole the car keys and had stolen our car, with all our tools in it. On the car keys was the keys to the house and the cottage.

When the man realized he had been seen he quickly left the driveway on foot.  Husband quickly, got dressed to go outside and tried to follow him, he had disappeared. But what he did find was another car that had been stolen and left at the end of the street. This was obvious as the car doors locks had been punched in.

I called the police who put a APB out on the car and with-in minutes appeared at our door. Statements were taken, and evidence was collected.

The owner of the stolen car found at the end of our street was called and notified about their car, which they hadn’t even know was stolen yet.

So here what happens next. The insurance company was called, who made arrangements for us to pick up a rental car, and we were told to change all the locks on the doors and windows in both houses.

A very good plan, accept all the tool have been stolen. Estimated replacement value of over $15,000.

We headed to Home Depot to buy the basic tools. That was funny(Not), basic tool, replacement locks for both houses and the damage deposit for the rental car, put us back around $2000.

Then we returned to the house to change all the locks and headed to the cottage. I am happy to say that the cottage was fine. The locks have been changed on the cottage too.

So here we are two days later, I have now had to take two days off work to have the alarm system people come into both the house and the Love Shack. Yes, we are putting a security and video surveillance in both homes. I can’t believe I am doing this, in our wonderful little neighborhood in suburbia.

The car and the tools, as of yet have not been found.

On the positive side of this, we were not hurt and thanks to Romeo, who is still just a puppy, the other car is still in the driveway, and they did not re-enter the house.

On the bad side of this, it is a terrible feeling to know someone was in your home while you were sleeping. And we have absolutely no tools to be able to work on the Love Shack.

We are not sure how long the insurance company considers them missing before they pay out. They have promised that everything is covered, with a small deductible of course.

So here we are, our lives are put on hold and the construction as also been put on hold.

This has been a very upsetting situation and has upset our family and friends terribly.

We are grateful to the Hamilton Police Department for their quick response. The Insurance Company, who gave us quick direction, and to our family and friends who were shaken, but very supportive.




7 thoughts on “Break-in Entry and Grand Theft Auto

  1. So sorry to hear your story. Wonderful little neighborhoods are a thing of the past. It is truly a shame that there are no safe neighborhoods anymore unless you live off the grid deep in the woods. I remember as a child we never had to lock our doors or windows. Nowadays a security system is needed and sometimes that doesn’t work. I hope you get back to working on your love shack soon and that you are finally safe in your home. ☺


  2. To be honest it is also the same in our little red dot. When we were little the doors were always open. Not needing to be closed, let alone locked! Hope you get back to working on the cottage soon and put this all behind you!


    1. Thank you. It seems there is a lot of work and paper work when you become a victim. As soon as we know what is happening with the insurance company, we can get tools and hopefully get back to work soon. Normal would be nice again.

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  3. Home invasion and theft are the most uncomfortable feelings. When we were robbed in two different homes it was a total feeling of violation that was indescribable. There were no surveillance cameras available to the public at that time. The second one occurred when I went to pick my son up from school and as I drove up to my house, their car was parked next to mine in the driveway. My front door was wide open, my dog sitting there and I as I went i. They were going out the back. They had just begun so dropped my VCR and nothing was taken, only things broken, especially our spirit. I’m so sorry this happened to you guys,


    1. Thank you. So far this has been both frustrating and expensive. The insurance says they will cover everything. What they don’t tell you is … You have to cover it first. I am hoping to have an ending to this, this week.

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  4. Sorry you went through this. I know the feeling of being violated when a home is burglarized. Thankfully you have insurance and no one was injured.


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