The Built-ins, AKA the Jigsaw Puzzle

How are the built-ins in bedroom two going, you ask? Well, and a deep breath here. The upper level was a piece of cake. We got that up in two hours, with three of us working.

The lower level… Well here is where the puzzle begins.

Husband put his heart into building the bottom level and the stairs. He came home with the pictures to show wife, when wife came a long and said…. Sorry honey, that’s not going to work.

With love in his eyes, that’s what I’m calling it, he looked at wife like her head was green and spinning.

So back to the cottage he drove with wife in-car.

The first problem is with a six hundred square foot cottage every inch counts. The cottage lacks a major thing. It’s called storage. There are no closet in the whole cottage. This is a situation that needs to be rectified.

There is also no place for a dresser in the rooms. So, you guessed it… that also needs to be rectified.


The designs for the cottages built-in came from the picture below.

bedroom two
The idea I seen and fell in-love with



Blue prints found on line.


Now there is a problem with both of these pictures. The first being that the room will only support one set of bunk beds and the second, is the blue prints are the opposite of the way they are going in. And then there is the third problem, if the beds go from most of the room from wall to wall, there is no closet space.

Thankfully, when we arraived at the cottage, to my relief, he had not attached the bottom bunk yet.

With a minor adjustment, which included removing two 18 inch boards, the whole bottom bunk could be slid to the right and attached to the stair case, and that gave me space.

To help you understand what the project includes, take picture number one and cut it in half going vertically through the center of the stairs. Then take picture number two and flip it over. With a few alterations, we have the plan.

The first two stairs  coming from the top, will become shelves under the stairs that will open with small doors.

The space in picture number one, that has a built-in book shelf, is now going to become a door, allowing the use of that space to be a closet.

On the left side of the bed-base will be where the drawer comes in, built into the base of the bed. And We did  it.

We will have a closet, two shelves and a drawer.

I am happy to say, that after the new plan was put together, husband still likes me and the minor adjustment cost only eighteen dollars.

So the plan is, back to work there on Saturday. The pieces of the puzzle have been found and altered, and back to building the built-ins.

A note on the lights in the picture. We did add reading lights when we were building the room for this plan. We also added electric outlets to each of theses areas so that on a rainy day, you can read and plug in the cell phones( I hope not) and all those other electrical toys that we feel we just can’t live without.

The Weekend Warriors have been booked to paint the bedframes and stairs, on May 24, weekend. That will be a year to date from when we gutted the Love Shack. After that, we can all start staying there.

The progress is happening and my sun-porch can now be seen again. As the supplies for the Love Shack are getting put into place and out of there, hopefully in-time for me to actually be able to sit on it this year.

Deep breath and forward we go.





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