Pondering, Pondering, Pondering

Romeo and I have been sitting here for the last hour watching it rain. I know that doesn’t sound very exciting and actually, it’s not. He got bored and fell a sleep.

The weather today is just awful. The wind is blowing and the rain is steady. It’s grey and yucky.  I would love to climb back into bed and watch the Animal Channel. Looking at some loins in the jungle right now could be warming.

What I really should be doing  is: working on editing Only With Him or going to the gym. OK, I will do both today. But first, you know how sometimes your mind goes into funny places or has funny questions?

My mind is having one of those days. So I thought  I would give a shout out to fellow writers, bloggers and followers, and ask and share three things I have been thinking about today.

Number 1

I was wondering what makes you choose a blog you follow?

Now I have to answer. I look for happy things, and things I am interested in. Photography, gardening, animals or cooking will always get my attention. I love humor. I also like to read and follow interesting stories of personal goals and achievements.

The way I find new blogs to follow is by the Reader page, then it is the head lines or the pictures that get my attention.

What put my mind in this thought frame was, my blog numbers. I noticed that sixty percent of the visitors to our page, followed the page.

Number 2

Now this is more fun, what do you wear when you are writing?

My answer. Today my PJ’s. Many of times when I get up to write, not just the blog, but also the book, I am still in my jammies. When I am writing late into the night, yup, I am probably in a pair of jammie pants then too. I confess to not being able to write anything, if I am not comfortable. I think it maybe some form of  freedom of body/ freedom of mind connection.

Number 3

Do you eat when you write?

Me: NO, I actually forget to eat. I am so bad at that, I actually forget to cook. When I get finished editing Only with Him, I am taking my husband on a food journey to make up for all the meals that he had to bring home on is way from work. I can’t tell you how many times he calls, and I have lost track of time and completely have forgotten to eat or cook.

Today I made a meat loaf. I figured it was probably best to cook before I started editing. I am sure husband will be happy to not come home from working in this rain, to having to bring dinner home.

And on that note, it’s really nice to have finished writing the book and started editing. What I didn’t know about when you finish your book and start editing, is, that it’s almost like writing your book a second time.

Well I guess I should get out of my jammies now and go down to my gym for run. That yucky weather just does not make me want to go out the door and go to the gym for a swim. Then back to editing.


sun shine on the lake
A picture of the sun reflecting on the lake. A little reminder that grey skies are going to clear up.

9 thoughts on “Pondering, Pondering, Pondering

  1. We also scroll through the reader view to look for interesting stories.
    Bloggin for us is all about the stories. We like happy things too because in real life there is enough stress!


  2. I do the daily word prompts and often find new blogs to read there. Comfy clothes are a must, often jammies. And I will sometimes snack when I am reading posts but rarely while I write. Coffee is a must though. 🙂

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  3. 1. same as you
    2. jammies in the morning, day clothes ever after 🙂
    3. not usually
    Good luck with the book!


  4. You “liked” one of my posts, so I came to check yours, and like what I’ve found.

    I look for people who say interesting things. Might be a poet with an interesting way of expression, or a political blog, or something on nature. The use of words is important, and I have no tolerance for polemics. I want intelligent, not loud.

    I’ve had the kind of day your having — most of the Northeast is. I find the rain intensely relaxing. (Having grown up in a river valley, I know better than to live where it floods. Some lessons you shouldn’t need to learn twice.) Khaki shorts and a t-shirt are the uniform of the day.

    What I write is mostly on medical topics — things that appear in medical journals that might be valuable for people to know and that the general media often miss. As a researcher building a retirement career in health insurance, I have access to information that most people never see — some of which people need to see. Fundamentally, I try to be useful. (Do you remember the use of that phrase in “Cider House Rules”?)


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