Happy Spring and Back to Work at the Cottage

Ontario gave us a beautiful Spring Day, with temperatures reaching 20 C at the lake, and you guessed it, that was where we were headed.

We packed up a trailer full with chains saws, pruning ladders, secateurs and other tree pruning gear.

It was our first day back at the cottage as a working team and, truthfully, we couldn’t wait to get back to work.

The drive was just as I remembered it, with the horses and other farm animals out in the fields as we drove by. The fishermen were on the river with their poles and the Canadian Geese were back.

When we arrived at the cottage, the ground was a bit mushy from all the recent rain. And oh not again!  That dam holding tank was full again. Yes, the one I just paid to get emptied last month.

A phone call to Jim and the bobcat is heading in there tomorrow to dig up the lines, and see if he can do an easy fix to the problem. It is definitely run off that is filling it, which means that a pipe has cracked or separated from the tank.

Next, I checked our fuel and it seems the fuel company has not showed up to fill the tank. That is a phone call I will be making in the morning.

Besides those two minor complications, all is well in Cottage Land.

We seen a few of our Cottage Neighbors, who were also up doing the Spring Clean Up. Most have not returned to open up their cottages yet, but we are expecting a busy next weekend, as the weather is supposed to be good and it’s Easter Weekend which mean, Long Weekend.

There were a few pleasant visitors today. Many of the birds have returned and the sound of them was awesome, while we were working outside today.

Our planned project for this day was to prune the four trees on the lot. I wanted to get this done before nesting starts.

Now, pruning at the cottage is different from pruning in the city.  The first thing you have to keep in mind is that, you don’t want a manicured city looking landscape. The goal is to keep it natural. The other thing that has to be taken into consideration is, those trees are homes to many animals and birds.  Before you cut a limb or branch off, including the dead ones, you have to check to see if it’s someones home.

Many old branches have been burrowed into by the woodpeckers, who live in them over the winter. When they come out, the Purple Martins will return and nest in them, so they need to stay.

The Robins are higher up in the trees, and they have started building their nest. The sparrows were there too, starting to work on this years homes.

After inspecting every tree, limb by limb, we where ready to start. Four hours later, we had a landscape trailer full of branches. We also had, our firewood for this Springs Official First Camp Fire.


The trees are trimmed.



With the trees trimmed and the firewood cut, we set about to rake up the leaves. Many leaf bags were filled.

Next we headed inside. It was time to turn the water back on. It came on with full pressure, and all was well.

We did a house inspection and are happy to say, all was well there too, and no one had moved in over the winter.

The frig has been filed up with pop, water and beer. A supply list has been written and I will do some shopping this week. It’s time to stock up on paper products, snacks and grilling food.

Ten hours later, with a trailer full of landscape material, we are back home and yup, tired. My nose and cheeks are slightly sunburned.

It was nice to spend the day with, our now Seventy-one Year Old Lady and we are looking forward to next weekend, when we start building those built-ins in bedroom number two.


Happy, Happy. It’s Spring and it’s Cottage Time.









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  1. Hey where are those finches sister? Better hang some niger out cause that’s the only thing they are going to show up for. I had a woodpecker on the ground eating just on the last mini snow slush storm on thursday or Friday. Times are tough when the woodpecker hits the ground with the rest of the birds. Everyone was well feed.


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