Romoe’s Graduation Day



Romeos graduation day
Romeo in his Graduation Cap


Romeo finished Puppy School and graduated Top of His Class. He is now ready to go to the cottage this month and meet the doggies, who are his neighbors and soon to be new friends.

He is now 7.5 months old and weighing in at 75 lbs.

He is house broken, socialized and walks nicely with his mommy, daddy and dog walker.

He has also learned leave it. Gives his paw, and plays catch.

It won’t be necessary for me to prune the shrubs in the backyard this year. He used them all to teeth on. With a little luck, they will grow back.

Mommy is happy to say, she survived Romeo’s puppy-hood. We play chase the puppy less and he is now learning to drop it and give.

I am looking forward to watching him discover a whole new world, as he has never seen Spring or Summer before or Weekends at the Cottage.

We are also looking forward to introducing Romeo to the neighbors at the cottage, as we got him just after the other cottagers had closed up. The next few months should be an exciting time for Romeo and interesting times for us to see if we can keep him still long enough for us to working on the cottage.

This Sunday will be our first day back to work there. We are heading up to prune the tress before the birds migrate back and start building their nests.

It’s Spring, and its time for us to get back to work, and for me to start blogging again.








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