Only With Him, The Synopsis

I am pleased to say that I am coming to the completion of writing Only With Him and will be reaching my only New Years Resolutions, finishing this book this year,  It is time to release the Synopsis.



The Synopsis of Only With Him

LeeAnna had a nice, quiet, comfortable life with a good job and a nice husband. But LeeAnna wants something more, something bigger, and something more exciting. Board with her life, she sees an on line add for her dream job.

What started out as a career change turned into her risking it all, when her secret relationship with her boss goes from business to pleasure. Is Drake worth it when her career and her marriage are put on the line? Is Drake the man of her a dream, or a narcissist?

What is the connection between Sybil, her assistant and Drake? What does Sybil have to do with Leeanna’s job and her future?

LeeAnna must decide what to keep and what to lose. She must choose who and what are most important. She reach’s beyond the world she knows, to harness an inner strength she never knew she possessed.




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