Romeo Loves the Snow

With only two days to the official start of Spring, we had a snow storm here in Southern Ontario. While all our friends and co-workers were all complaining… Romeo thought it was awesome.

We have never had a Doberman that loved the snow before. Our first one Rocky, we had to shovel the deck and the yard just to get him to go outside.

Our second, Coco, had to be talked into going outside. And yes we had to shovel the deck for him. Once he was out, he would help shovel the walk way. Which actually meant throwing the snow back in it.

But Romeo. Well, we can’t get him back in the house. He loves the snow. He runs and jumps and rolls in it. The snow on the nose look, is his Winter Face.

Here is the baby, now seven months old and seventy-five pounds.


Romeo in the snow


Romeo was a Summer baby, but had never been outside before November, so he has actually never seen Spring or Summer. I  am look forward to his adventure.


We will be back a the Love Shack soon. Time to see our Cottage Friends again. It will also be time to tell them about loosing Coco and time to introduce them to Romeo. I am sure they will love Romeo as much as they did Coco.

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