Spring Cleaning With Romeo


It’s two weeks to the Official Start of Spring and this weekend is Day Light Savings Time. It’s that time of year again when we move the clocks an hour forward to gain another hours of day light. Which also brings that other thing, Spring Cleaning.

The official opening of the Love Shack is April 1st. That weekend, I will be heading to the cottage with a car full of cleaners to get rid of the Winter Dust that has built up. In the mean time, there is the other house, the one we live in year round that needs Spring Cleaning too.

Today was the day, and so I began. The bathroom is the smallest room in the house so, I decided to start there.

It amazes me how much dust and dirt can build up in a house that is closed up all winter. I am boggled at how the bathroom scale that you stand on once a month, gets dirty. And how does dog hair get up into the light? The answer is, I don’t know but it does.

Spring Cleaning its self is a big job, but with the help of Romeo, it’s an even bigger job.

As I climbed up on the bathroom counter to clean the lights on the ceiling, he ran off with the paper towels.  Then when I was on the floor cleaning behind the toilet, you know that little spot that is hard to reach, you have to get on your hands and knees and squeeze in between the toilet and the wall, he ran off with the bottle of shampoo.

The cleaning of the bathroom quickly became a game of chase the puppy around the house. After about an hour of this, making my job take much longer than it was supposed to, I came up with a new discovery, the baby gate.

We put a baby gate in the kitchen to keep Romeo from going down stairs, where he likes to try to play with the eighteen year old kitty, who is too old to run and play.  Then of course there is the emptying of the litter box, which means, he spills it on the floor.

Next we had to put a baby gate on the bedroom at night, that keeps him in the room and out of the office where he likes to pull the books off the shelf and then off course, see how they taste.

Today, I discovered another use for the baby gate. To lock myself inside and him out. This gave him perfect view to watch me and me perfect view to watch him. Low and behold, the Spring Cleaning got done at a much faster rate.

With a half of a bag of recycling removed from the bathroom, yes, all those half and quarter bottles of body washes and shampoos that we save but never use are gone. The sinks are sparkling and the floor is scrubbed. The blinds and windows are cleaned and the walls are washed down. The bathroom is finished, and Romeo is very tired now. The Spring Cleaning has worn him out and he is having a nap.

As for Spring Cleaning at the Love Shack, well, I do think Romeo will be going to Doggies Day Care that day at Pet Smart. He can run and play, and I can get the cottage cleaned with half the amount of exercise.

On that note, we are half way done with Puppy Classes and it looks like he is going to Graduate as Top of His Class.

Yeah for Romeo, and Mommy and Daddy, and the Doggies Walker who have made turning Romeo into a nice big seventy pound puppy, a work in progress. Now we have to teach the family and friends to say no and mean it. They too are a work in progress.





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