Presents for the Cottage from Cozemel

No trip can be complete without a little shopping. This years Valentine holiday we went shopping for the Love Shack and brought home a few gifts for the cottage.

The first purchase was hand painted ceramic tiles for the outside of the house.

The cottage address is number eight.


Hand painted and hand-made ceramic. The house number for the cottage.


No cottage can be complete with out a little sea-side effect. Our bathroom is being done sea-side theme.


A metal painted Sea Horse.


Metal, hand painted Sting Ray.



And no cottage can be complete without at least one wind-chime.


A little hard to photograph, Sea horse wind-chime made out of shell.


And just for a little giggle to the post… It seems when in Mexico, Valentines Day is not just for the humans, it is also mating season for the Iguanas… Um no they do not get a room.. Seems the sun is the best place for that. Pool side seemed to be the prefernce….












12 thoughts on “Presents for the Cottage from Cozemel

      1. DId you ask for iguana porn isntead? I believe David Attenborough has a wonderful selection and variety of differention species doing *stuff*


      1. Ours were bought from Japan and it makes a very light chime when the wind blows. But because we located it by the lamp near the window….it tells us all the time its windy…lol


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