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I am posting this Valentines Day wish to everyone out there a couple of days early, and I will share with you why. This year I will be in Cozumel, Mexico with my Valentine, and of course there is a story behind it.

Once upon a time. There was this Fairy Princess, I told you about her a while back. She had met Prince Charming and he had asked her to marry him. What I didn’t tell you was the story of the proposal. Let me do that.

It was the second week of February in 1997. The family was acting kind of suspicious that week. They kept asking me over and over again if I was working that Valentines Day. They also kept asking me what time I would be home from work. So I suspected they were up to something. I pretended I didn’t notice.

When I arrive home that day. There was a big box sitting in my living-room. The kids told me that Enrico had bought me something for Valentines Day, but he wanted me to open it while he was out, encase I didn’t like it.

The box was heavy when I moved it around and I suspected there was something or rather someone inside of it.

I opened the box and out came Enrico. He was dressed in his tuxedo. He was holding a sign that said “Marry Me”. With that sign also came a dozen roses, balloons, chocolates and my engagement ring.

Enrico climbed out of the box and got down on his knee and proposed to me. He told me that he had thought of everything, because he was only doing this once and he was going to do it right.

I told him I would let him know in a few minutes. You see, if he was going to do it right then he had two more things to do. He still had two calls to make before I officially said yes.

The first call was to my mother, he asked her permission to marry her daughter and then he called my grandmother and asked her permission too. Grama said,” If you don’t marry him, I will.”

That became the official yes.

Next he set up a table in front of the fire-place. Him and kids had ordered Chinese food. We had dinner, all of us together that day in front of the fire.

So Valentines day, is an extra special day in this house. It is also what became a tradition.

Each year, my Valentine and I go away for the week. Yes, just the two of us. That is our week. It is a reminder of our plans and our commitments. We also pull out our wedding album before we go and look at the pictures, and talk about the people in our lives. The ones we have, the ones we lost and the blessing of each of them.

That week is a reminder, not of just about us but of all the people who make our lives what it is. This year we are celebrating our twentieth year of our engagement.

So Happy Valentines Day, to our families, our friends and yes, you the reader of the Building The Love Shack. Because you are all part of our lives. You all make it better. You fill it with love.

I hope your day is filled with love.









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