Romeo at Six Months

Remember this little guy who I brought home in November weighing in at twenty-two lbs.



Well this week he is six months old and lots has changed.

He is now weighting in at sixty-two pounds.

I am happy to say along with his massive weight gain, Mommy’s vocabulary has also improved. We have learned outside, good boy and catch. We are still using a lot of Get Down and No No No Romeo. Give, is still a game of run around and chase the puppy, unless there are treats involved.

Romeo has now given up the bad habit of biting mommies butt(Hallelujah).

He is taking up more space in the bed and has learned how to use the small step that mommy uses to get into bed. This is a very good thing as the picking him up or rather pushing him up into the bed is not as easy with the forty pound weight gain( his not mine).

He has also learned  how to step on the foot press to open the garage can. ( Not a good thing). The kitchen has never been cleaner as any dishes left on the counter becomes a crash in minutes. With the weight gain has also come longer legs that can now reach anything left on counters, desks or tables.

This past two weeks have had some big days in his life.

Romeo got neutered last week. Mommy took a couple of days off work because the Vet said he could be sore and need some extra attention. Let me tell you how that worked out. He came bouncing out of the Vets office.  When  we came home, he did thirty laps around the back yard. In two days he had the cone not only off, but he chewed the connecting pieces to close the cone and laid in on the floor, never to be worn again. So much for needing extra attention.

Puppy School started this week. It’s a good thing graduation is six weeks away. At this point, he will not be graduating at the top of his class. He is more likely to win Class Clown. If they have an award for Most Disruptive, he could easily take that prize.

He also discovered his first squirrel this week. The new game of chasing the squirrel up the tree and along the fence has begun. I am afraid it is more fun for him than the squirrel. Remember that squirrel that ate my new bulbs I planted in the Fall. Well Mr. Squirrel has to learn to be a little faster if he is going to try that again.

We also had a real big rain storm this week. Romeo’s first time seeing that. He happily sat on the door step and wanted nothing to do with going out in that. He loves the snow, but rain, well he is not such a fan of that.

Then there was the first Doggie Party. The new Dog Walker has an off leash program she takes him to, with three other puppies. She picks him up and they go to an off leash park to run for an hour. He likes that and is making new friends.

Saturday he is going to Doggie Daycare for the first time at Pet Smart. He will be playing for a couple of hours with other dogs. We know the staff there well, Coco went on a regular basis to play. It’s time for Romeo to learn to meet and play with all kinds of new dogs, big and small. It’s only a couple of months till we will be back at the cottage, where there are lots of dogs for him to meet.

Then the big one is coming. Mommy and daddy are going on vacation and leaving Romeo home with Auntie Nikki. She is coming to stay with our little zoo. This will be our first time away from him. Coco loved Auntie Nikki, but did not love mommy and daddy going away.  Let’s see what Romoe thinks of this plan.

You know mommy is taking her computer with her so she can check on everybody at home.

And that is the up date on Romeo/ Devil Dog, still true to his other name.


Romeo at 6 Months Old








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  1. Wow. Now that’s eye contact! He’s beautiful but I’m glad you are doing training with him. The first year is critical to managing his expectations and his behavior. After that, especially at his size, all bets are off.


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