Knock Knock Knock

While lying in bed with that crappy cold last Friday, I heard knock, knock, knock on the front door. Now you know and I know, when you are sick and you hear knocking on the front door you think, oh who could this be and do I really want to get up and answer that door. Not really, but I got up and answered it anyways.

Well, there stood the Fed Ex man holding a box for me. I looked at a the label and it took everything in me to contain myself to not jump on the man and hug him. The computer is home.

I went straight to my office and turned it on yes it works, and the best part is that all the writing and edits for the book have not been harmed.

I bet you can guess what I did next. I down loaded the last two chapters I had written to a stick and then all thirty-two chapters that have been edited, were also down loaded. I have also emailed the whole book to my Gmail account. And for back up another stick was down loaded and I will carry it with me in my purse.

There is nothing worse than waiting three weeks to find out if you have lost three years worth of work. Lessons learned and now back to working on Only With HIM.

I am happy to say that I gave my husband back his computer and thanked him for the loan of his dinosaur, trying to work on Windows 7 after working on Windows 10 was not an easy project.

Happy Days.

12 thoughts on “Knock Knock Knock

  1. Yayyyyyy! That’s great! Yeah, I had that happen to me. 😞 Norton gave mine a virus and it corrupted my 2 novels. Granted, they weren’t very far along but it still mad me depressed and furious that I lost all that work. Thankfully, I still like to handwrite my work so I had a little saved.

    Another place that I like to keep my work is Evernote.


      1. Very true. I’m always thinking about that in the back of my mind… How we have thrown out old ways. What if all technology gets wiped out someday?? We will be SCREWED.


  2. Happy for you. And again, because of your experience, my wife is now completely DELIGHTED with her new iMac. We completely avoided the Best Buy/Geek Squad triangulation. May your computer now have a long life. – Marty

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