All I Want is a Pair Spandex Pants

Three days of festive and fun, the Christmas dinners and cooking is done. The tree is down and Christmas decorations are packed away, but now there are the left overs. No, I am not talking about the turkey and stuffing, I am talking about the Christmas baking and food gifts. Yes, the freezer is still full.

In a house of two and one fur baby,  I have pounds of fresh-baked cookies from that fabulous Italian Bakery. There is an Apple Pie and a half of a cake. Add to that Cannoli and Peaches. Then there are the gifts of Chocolates and Hickory Farms, and the jams and the jellies.


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Now, lets add in the liquid calories from the wines, the brandies and liquors, and I am sure that there is still more.

We are still working on eating what can not be wasted treasures. That all being said, I had two cookies and a Cannoli for breakfast.


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So if you could please, any gifts that have not been delivered to me yet.. Please make them a pair of Spandex Pants…


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Spandex Pants


Christmas that holiday that comes in December and Take all of January to remove from your butt…

And with that being said, two months and counting before we starting working on the Love Shack again.  I am looking forward to the work-out that the construction brings. I don’t know about the rest of you but I can’t wait to say hello to Spring.



15 thoughts on “All I Want is a Pair Spandex Pants

  1. Oh so true…. I love this! We’re fighting the same battle here at our house. I just need to put a sign on the front door…. Hungry people look no further, plenty of food for all! Lol… 😉

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  2. I wear only leggings and they do stretch mostly. They don’t pool around my feet and when I do stand it’s only a second or two, so I can’t take time to pull them out from under my feet. I don’t feel them there. So they are comfortable, easy, and I have only one pair of dressy full pants. Works for me. I only had four iced cookies at home. The rest went home with the bakers.


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