900 Plus Emails

Just stopped in to say Hello. I have been a very busy girl lately with work and have not been on line for the past week.

When I opened my husbands computer… No I still don’t have mine back yet…. I have over 900 emails to go through. I am working on them.


Image result for pictures 900 number

On the plus side of that I also have a 100 new Followers . Now that is nice. And one day I will figure out how to add Linked Ins count to this Blog.. One day….

So a special Hello to my new Followers on Word Press, Linked In and Twitter. And to every one else.. Hi Every one.. I have missed you.

Romeo says Hello too.. He is eighty percent house broken now… And about sixty percent done with the teething. Tomorrow he will be five months old and is weighing in at fifty pounds.

Puppy school starts in two weeks… I think I am more excited than he is…But he is starting to learn some house manors.

We will be heading to the lake this weekend to check on the Love Shack… Dam I miss her and am looking forward to taking her Christmas present she received up there. Pictures to come…

Happy Hump Day.


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