An Elf Called Romeo

Dear Santa

I am addressing this letter to you with some concerns that I thought you should be aware off.

Now, I know that you are very busy at this time of the year and I certainly don’t want to seem ungrateful.  I truly do appreciate any extra help that you can send me at this time of the year, but I am afraid that I must write you about this Elf you sent me called Romeo.

I am questioning his early graduation from Elf School. At four months old and forty pounds, I feel he looks more like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer then an Elf.

He requires several breaks from his work, which require us to go outside. Once we get outside, he spend much of his time, dashing through the snow. I might add he also leaps off the back deck, flying in the air and when he lands, he prances in the snow.


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer




As for his work habits, well that is another concern. You see he seems to want to play with the toys more than wrap them. He has this interesting habit of taking things off the table and then running through the house with them. Unfortunately they are gifts, so this requires me bribing him with cookies to get them back.

He does try very hard to help me wrap presents, but I think he has the concept confused. You see, he puts his big paws through the paper and runs off with the tubes of wrapping paper.


On top of his frequent breaks to go outside, he also tends to sleep on the job. I frequently find him sneaking off, to nap.


Napping in the sunshine


Napping in the office


Now I must admit, I do find him to be quiet lovable and he really does look cute in his Christmas Sweater. I enjoy his company very much and do really appreciate that he sits a the back door and waits for me to wipes his feet, before he runs through the house with snow-covered feet.


Romeo in his Christmas Sweater


I am also greatful that he has not tried to eat the Christmas tree, yet. The Stocking on the Fireplace didn’t really look that good up there anyways, so we removed them with his advise on Christmas Decorating.

But as far as a Christmas Helper, well I do think he may just have graduated Elf School just a little to soon. I am sure next year, he will be a little more helpful.

Merry Christmas Santa,

Lacie Sheldon







4 thoughts on “An Elf Called Romeo

  1. I saw you visited and thought I would stop by. You are helping me heal with the photos of Coco. I was bitten by a Doberman as a small child and have felt unkindly toward them since. I can see that your Doberman is sweet and that I need to realize not all of that breed are mean. Thanks.


    1. I am sorry to hear that you got bitten. I was bitten several times as a child by the same Shepard. I am still leary of them. The Dobe owner that you got bit by was a bad owner. Dobes are very much like small children. They want to love and play. With the right treatment all they know is love.


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