End of the Season

Yesterday, we made what could be our last trip for the season to the cottage. It was time to get our Lady ready for winter.

The drive there was quiet. We hardly seen a car on the road.  There were no farmers working in the fields, and with the exception of a few horses out in the pasture, the farm animals were inside the barns.

We past a few die-hard fishermen, fishing by the river, but there were no boats on the lake. The lake was choppy and grey, and didn’t look very inviting.

The only wildlife to be seen was the last of the Canadian Geese, who are getting ready to fly South for the Winter. The birds and the squirrels have all disappeared along with the leaves on the trees. It’s officially Twig Season in Ontario.

When we arrived a the cottage, it was Ghost Town with all the cottages closed up and windows boarded up to protect them from the Winter Storms, that are sure to come.

The temperature was 8 Degrees Celsius outside before wind chill. Add in the wind blowing off the lake, and everyone including Romeo needed their winter coats.


Romeo took a nap in front of the Cast Iron Stove


We started up the Cast Iron Stove, and with the cottage not being insulated, except the new bedrooms, inside the cottage  was a whopping 62 Degrees Fahrenheit. For me, that’s just a little to chilly. Husband on the other hand, thinks that is perfect to work in, and plans to go up over the Christmas Holiday to do some work. That plan of course depends on what Mother Nature decides. How much snow we get, and if we can get into the cottage.


Before we left the house, we did one last pack up of the car. Finally having some storage, I was able to take up the comforters, the pillows, the sheets and the towels. The art work and the television for bedroom one, are now also at the cottage.

Bedroom number one, now looks like a real room and we look forward to staying there in the Spring.

It was now time to shut off the water and blow the water lines. Time to pack up the cases of pop, water and beer, and bring them home. Time to clean out the frig. And soon it was time to say goodbye to our Lady.

This last trip was a sentimental one. It was our first trip there without Coco. That was sad and there were a few tears. It was our first trip there with Romeo. He loved it there, that was happy. It was our first year closing up our Lady. That was also sad. It felt like leaving a friend that you would have to wait months to see again.

Romeos first trip to the cottage

It’s funny how quickly the Love Shack became such an important part of our lives. How quickly we made our cottage friends. And how many memories we already have from there.

We are hoping to drive up Christmas Day to check on her and looking forward to spending next Christmas there. By this time next year, we should have the whole place insulated and it won’t be a whopping 62 degrees inside.

Before we left we took all the measurement from inside and soon will be sitting down at my drafting board to design the kitchen and bathroom. I also need to draw in  where the Gables will be going and the new doors and windows. So, we will still be working on the cottage over the Winter.

We are planning to check on her over the Winter. That might require some snow boots and a hike in, and a thermos of Hot Chocolate.




3 thoughts on “End of the Season

  1. You’re very brave Lacie to be facing such low temperatures at Christmas. . It sounds like the cottage is coming on a treat and you’ll be well ready for staying there over Christmas 2017. She’ll be beautiful, warm lady by then.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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