A Birthday Present from Husband

Well it’s that time of year again. I turn twenty-one tomorrow, again.  I am very good at turning twenty one, this is my thirty-third year doing it.

With much debate and swearing we could never do it again, after loosing Coco and before him Rocky. We swore never again, we can’t do this.

But we did it.

The house is not a home without a dog. The Love Shack is missing the Love.

So with that in mind, here is my birthday present from husband.


Please meet Ravalleses Wolf of Wall Street.



My Mommy and Daddy call me Romeo. Aka Puddles… that’s for all the puddles I leave on mommies floor.

I am sixteen weeks old and weigh thirty pounds. My feet are the size of a big dogs paws and I am kind of clumsy.

Daddy gave me a very important job to do. My job is to make mommy smile again. I am working hard on that. I am also giving mommy lots of exercise chasing me around the house.

Coco was my cousin. My job is not to replace him, but to give new love. I am very good at loving, that is why they named me Romeo.



Mommy and Daddy took me shopping to buy a new winter coat. It gets cold here in Canada and I am not very big, so they wanted me to be warm. This is me, in my new coat.

It’s fun living with mommy and daddy. I have met a lot of my aunts and uncles. We get lots of visitors who stop by to bring me presents.

I haven’t been to the Love Shack yet, mommy is going to take me up this weekend. She said it’s our special place. She said she thinks Coco would approve.

Romeo wasn’t supposed to be sold.  He was going to be a show dog for Coco’s and Romeo’s breeder. When we called her to let her know about Coco passing, she decided that we should have him. We consider him a gift from Coco.



17 thoughts on “A Birthday Present from Husband

  1. I love this post and I wish you all much happiness with Romeo. I have two ageing cats at the moment and also swear “never again” but you are so right a house is not a home without a pet or two, or three. Thank you for the follow, I look forward to folowing your journey too.


  2. What a loving Birthday gift. He is a beautiful animal and I am sure fast becoming a part of you family.
    Thank you for the follow. I hope you enjoy reading my offerings and I look forward to reading yours.
    It is now past your Birthday so I will wish you and yours a Merry Christmas filled with love and joy. :o)


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