What’s that… Is that a bed?

Woo Hoo, Yippy and Yeah….

Last Sunday was a day long-awaited for, the day we would finally get to take the bedroom furniture up to the cottage.

We got up early and packed the trailer up with the mattress and bed. A few other items to load up too, we where finally going to set that bed up.

With a quick stop at Mickey D’s for Sausage MC Muffins for the three of us. That would be me, husband and Coco, and we were cottage bound.

Husband had been up the day before and did the final coat of paint on the walls and trim. The floors were done. The walls were done.


The trim is in and all the painting is done.


We hung the last of the lights.


The Chandler and the Reading Lights over the bed.


Put in the smoke-detectors and carbon-monoxide-detectors.  Then set out to build the bed.

Now how long could that possible take? The answer is, longer than expected. We had bought the bed from IKEA, figuring it would be easier to transport and simple to put together.

The challenge of putting it together didn’t turn out to be complicated, just time-consuming.

Thankfully, the Cast Iron Stove was working wonderfully and we were nice and toasty.


The Cast Iron Stove working well.


By the end of the day, the bed was together and you can guess who was the first one in the bed, Coco.

Coco testing out the new bed.


It was time to make the bed and finally we have a bedroom to stay in come Spring.


The bed.


For reason I can not explain, the comforter is blue and gold, for some reason in all the pictures it came out brown. Oh, and I seem to have forgotten the pillows. Well that will be next weeks project when I bring up some of the art work.  One thing at a time.



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