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I went out to get the Halloween Candy for the Trick or Treater’s… I was just wondering, did the cost include a rental fee for the kids or was that just to give out the candy to them? Holy Crap that stuff has gotten expensive.

Everyone has a favorite holiday, Halloween is mine. Every year we decorate the house and  throw a  party. Some times I come up with themes to scare my friends, like Dinner with the Dead. It is interesting to watch, how many times your adult friends will look at an empty chair, set up with dinner service, at the dinner table.

Other times I like to make them think, when I invited them to an original Pagan  Celebration Dinner. They were scared to see what was being served. That was pretty much your traditional Thanksgiving Dinner or Harvest Meal, with a few add on.

Last year was a Victorian Masquerade Theme. The guest had their choice of what to be, in the Victorian era. I did an education on the time frame and how society had changed. They had to explain their costume and how it was relevant to the time. Jack the Riper came to dinner.

This year, there was no party, and I failed completely with house decoration too. Being post surgery and so much going on, I just didn’t have what it takes to throw a party. I would guess that this is the first time in about thirty yeas that the house wasn’t decorated and I can’t guess on how many years without a party.

Tomorrow, I will put on my best Witches Dress and hand out the Candy. I will make a Festive Meal and have promised to make it up next year.

In the mean time, here are some pictures of some Haunted places here in Ontario.










Last Year we did a Ghost Walk  here. It was very educational and well done.




A video of Haunted places In Ontario.



And The Love Shack?


 You never know, after all she will be 72 in the Spring. I’ll let you know once I spend night there.


Have  a Happy Halloween.

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