Once Upon a Time

My very good friend Laura wants me to write my life story, so I wrote this one for Laura.

Once upon a time there was a Fair Princess. She lived in a little cottage on the hill.

She went to work every day and came home to tend her gardens, and play with her little zoo she had collected of animals who needed homes.

One day while at work she met a man. He kept coming to her desk and wouldn’t leave her alone. He founded excuses to talk to her, and excuses to call her. She found him to be very attractive, but very annoying.

Then one day when she wasn’t expecting it, he called her. It seemed he was in her driveway and wanted to stop by. The princess panicked, she was wearing track pants and had no make up on. There where dishes in the sink, and the floor needed to be vacuumed.

With no time to spare, she ran up the stairs and changed into a pair of pants and a t-shirt, and brushed her hair. Then he knocked on the door. With no chance to do a quick clean up, she answered the door and let him in.

In no time the man was fixing her drawer in her kitchen. She had no tools and he didn’t bring any with him. He used glue and rubber bands to hold the drawer together.

With his kindness and persistence, the man convinced her to go on a date with him.

It turned out, so the Fairy Princes learned, that the man was in fact, Prince Charming.

He was different from other prince’s. He didn’t own a carriage, just a normal car. He had no Castle to offer her. There was no Royal Army to protect her and he couldn’t afford to buy her Glass Slippers.

What he did have to offer her, was his hand and his heart. His never-ending drive to please her, and a smile that won her heart.

Soon the Fairy Princess accepted his ring and married the Prince.

He gave her a wedding fit for a Princess and a Honeymoon on a tropical island.

Together, they built a small castle and concurred the enemies of life. They crossed over bridges that had trolls under them, and met some very beautiful fairies.

As the years past, the Princess and the Prince both got older, the children grew and left the nest, and the couple went through new challenges of life.

So over more bridges with trolls under them they went. They had hard time and good times. Their hair got some grey in it, and the fair skin got a few wrinkles. They traveled to some amazing places, and did things they never thought they would.

They made mistakes and good decisions. They had life lessons, losses and rewards.

Now twenty years has gone by and the Prince and the Princess, are Building The Love Shack.

Some days are Happily Ever After and some days there are still trolls under the bridge, but the drawer he put together on that very first day he showed up at her house, is still holding strong, from the rubber bands and glue he used to hold it together.

And she still think she married Prince Charming.






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