Keep Sakes for the Cottage

It’s another cool and raining day, here in Southern Ontario. With that in mind, it was a good day, so I said, to sit down and getting writing on that book that is coming out next year, Only With Him.

I did all the preparation to write. I had my shower and got on my comfy clothes. Followed by making an herbal tea and lighting an orange candle.  Yes orange, the color of creativity, self-expression and intellectual matters. Yet, here I sit writing the blog instead.

As  a writer, I don’t believe I have a lot of control over where my thoughts go when it comes to writing. I can self discipline and get focused if I have to write a paper, but when it comes to creative writing, I believe the mind must go where the mind must go.

That being said, over the past few weeks I have been doing some collecting and packing of things around the house.

The beauty of having a second home, The Love Shack, it has given me a place to put all those extra things you couldn’t part with.

As you have probably guessed by my writing by now, I am guilty of being sentimental and deep hearted. Being that way, my heart comes where ever I go, and so do the things that mean the most to me.

I have pack up these items to come with me to the cottage. That will be their new home.

The Rocking Chair, that I rocked my Babies in.

36-year-old Rocking Chair, with all its bumps and scratches


The Afghan my Grandmother made for me, Forty  year ago.


Hand crocheted and embroidered over 40 years ago by Grama



My Mothers favorite Tea Cup.

Moms Tea Cup


The Tea Set my In-laws gave us, that they brought home from Italy. My husband place of birth.

Tea Set from Italy


And my first Tea Set I bought for the cottage.

My Tea Set, The first gift I bought the cottage.


These items have now been added to “the go to the cottage area”, which is my sun-porch.

It won’t be long and these items will be at the cottage to join the cottage warming gift we received, the art work that has been purchased, and the soccer ball that we brought our grandson when we were in Jamaica. Along with, the water-guns for our annual Weekend Warrior Games.

About the sun-porch, it has become a storage room for the cottage. I keep reassuring my neighbor as she sees more boxes and bins get added, that I am not moving, I’m just dividing. Dividing which place to store the sentimental things.

Now back to writing that book.







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