Water Shots in early Fall

This past Thanksgiving weekend while the family was busy painting, they sent me and my camera of for a walk.


My short walk took me to the beach and this was my view.


I found a few other cottagers out walking the beach collecting stone and shells, and running their dogs. What I found most interesting was on the drive down to the lake, many of the trees had started changing color, but at the lake the majority of the leafs where still green.


The Beach October 2016


The water was calm and had hardly any wave action that could be seen from the top of the water.


Calm Waters


You could see the bottom of the lake and the sunlight reflecting off the stones.  I shot this one standing on the rocks, about eight feet above the water.


Water Clarity


The sun-shining on the lake looked like diamonds in the water.



 Diamonds in the Water.


As I walked around the point, I came a cross a flock of Seagulls and Ducks sitting on the water.


Seagulls and Ducks on the water.



The Point






Seagulls in Flight


In all, the hour walk I spent by the beach was very peaceful. It still amazes me, each time I am there how the house and the water take me to a place of calm. If I am not up at the lake and a week goes by, I miss the house and the lake, like you would miss a friend who is gone away and you are waiting for them to return.

As I am writing this blog today, the guys are at the cottage laying the hard-wood floors in the bedrooms. It will be a long day for me, waiting to see the pictures they shoot of the new floors.

I think I should have taken my computer and went with them.


6 thoughts on “Water Shots in early Fall

  1. Hi there, Just found your wonderful story on” About Me. ” What a traumatic life you have had. How brave you both have been, not only supporting each other but refusing to give in. You have made a wonderful recovery and I wish you both every happiness in your new home. I know a little about this because I too lost my husband and struggled to make a new life. Thank you for sharing x


  2. Gorgeous pictures! And thank you for stopping by and following – you have an incredible journey detailed here 🙂 I’ve often thought about setting up a site for the one we’re in (a wee bit older than yours!).


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