The Colors of Fall and the Colors of the Walls

It Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  And its time for Fall colors, pumpkin everything, family dinners and time to paint the cottage bedrooms.

This will be our first Thanksgiving Dinner at the cottage. I’m busy here cooking the dinner in advance, as we don’t have a kitchen set up at the cottage yet.

The turkey is in the oven and the fixing are on the stove. Once every thing is prepared, it will be put in crock pots, packed up, and taken to the lake.

This dinner, will be a little different then the traditional family dinner. There won’t be any crashing on the couch with a full belly. Instead, it will be had sitting at the outside table, in between coats of drying paint. Dinner will be served on paper plates, with the sound of the lake and the colors of Fall as our back drop.

The dress attire for the day, is old clothes that can have paint spills on them. And jackets, because it might be cool by the lake.

Packing this weekend is going to require a bit more work. Dinner in the crock pots, a bottle of wine and lots of painting supplies are heading to the lake with us.

As the chief organizer and being in post op recovery, the family has restricted my working contributions to cooking and getting the paint.

Yesterday, I headed to Home Depot to buy the paint. I was happy to meet a lovely sales girl, who spent much time with me. My first project had been to pick out the colors.

I stood in front of walls of paint samples, with small paint samples that the Weekend Warriors had previously picked out. These paint samples, had also been matched to the  comforters to the bed.


Walls of Paint Samples


Picking paint should now be a fairly easy job, or so I thought. What I didn’t know was how many different types of paint there are and for many different purposes. With the kind help of the lovely sales girl, and the husband on the phone, I came out with all the paint.


The Lovely Sales Girl, mixing up my paint.


Six gallons of paint, to paint two rooms. Two gallons of primer and four gallons of  different colors of paint, for two rooms.

We are now prepaid to head to the lake, and I am excited to say, to paint those walls that we spent the summer building.

We are now one step closer to being able to stay in the cottage, come Spring. And are spending our first Thanksgiving and our first Holiday, at the lake.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


















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