The Book Cover For “Only With Him”


As I write the final chapters, of “Only With Him“, I’m please and excited to announce that Lenore Farrell Photography has taken on the project of developing my Book Cover.

It was a very exciting night watching her in her studio. I watch her take a single idea and shoot it over 70 different times, in many different angles and lighting. Then, enter the shots into her computer, and work with shading and lighting.

I left there excited and feeling like another step has been taken. I am that much closer to releasing Only With Him, and should be on target for a 2017 release date.

This morning I was sent the preview of what she is working on. If I wanted inspiration to write, that has certainly done it for me.  I am working steadily on both my blog and my book.

I would love to introduce you to Lenore, she is a long time friend of mine, going back around twenty-five years.

Her career has spanned over twenty years with a variety of  locations and versatility in subjects. You can find her work at the Canadian Nation Exhibition.

Her passion includes portraits, family photography, wedding photography, landscape photography and travel shots. Her freelance work including shooting skiers on ski hills. In her spare time she donates her time and skills.

This book cover will be a first for her, taking on a new challenge.

I am one hundred percent confident that it too will be a success. And I might add I have also see the preview of the book cover.

Thank you Lenore Farrell, for being part of my journey in writing, Only With Him.


Lenore Farrell


Flowers on the Door in Greece 


Bicycle on the Wall in Greece


Mt Tremblant, Quebec


To contact Lenore Farrell or to see more of her work, you can reach her at:









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