23 Countries and Over a 1000 Views






When I first was encouraged to write this blog, it came from my writing class. Each week we would get together to talk about our writing and was given a new protect to write by the leader of the group, one special teacher and writer named Jeff Griffiths, from Mohawk College.

Each week before we started the class, the group would ask me for an update on the Building of the Love Shack. I would share the new stories, progress and pictures with the group. From this came the encouragement to start this blog.

I was unsure if this story would have interest to the public. I am very excited to say that Building the Love Shack has hit its first mile stone of over 1000 views in 23 different countries.

Thank you to those who are following this page. To those who visit it and to those who share it. I do enjoy your comments and your interaction. Please continue to do that, it is what makes me continue to write.

A very special thank you, to my writing class for your encouragement and to Jeff Griffiths, who is an inspiration to all those he comes in contact with.




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  1. Its been great to read your blog Lois…I am so happy the class helped kick it off. We love the love shack:)


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