Anniversary at the Lake


This weekend we celebrated our Sixteenth Wedding Anniversary. Looking back at the past few years, it has been quiet a journey to get to where we are today.

It was a beautiful Fall day, just like it was this time last year and also on that day sixteen years ago when we said the I Do’s.

Time has passed and many things have happened both good and bad. The journey over the past five years had lots of sickness and loss in. It also had the deepest moments in it and some of the best times.

When looking back at our journey and our relationship, we do it with a smile and laugh.  If you where to do a total rewind, our relationship began because he had a cold.

We worked together, yes back when you could date someone from work and not worry about false accusations, or worry that asking someone out would get you accused of sexual harassment.

He had a cold, so I stopped by with chicken soup.  That is how the whole relationship started. There was no big story of chance meetings or any of those things in romance novels, it was simply, an act of kindness.

So it is fair to say that over the past twenty some odd years, our relationship has been a lot of caring for each other.

The past five years have taught me that anything can happen in a second. That life can be on top of the world and set out with a plan, and in another breath everything can change.

One phone call, changed my life many times in the past five years. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you don’t. And just to make sure you don’t get to confident, life will give you a kick to remind you.

Then in the next breath with some faith and perseverance, life will give you a reward.

One year after our trip to Riley Lake, we were siting at Lake Erie looking at what we now call our lake.

The Love Shack continues to give us rewards. This weekend while up sanding the bedrooms, we had company from some of the cottagers. A lovely couple came over to say hello and brought their dog. Coco was in his glory, as we let them run and play. He made a new friend.

Later in the day, we met another neighbor who lived a few cottages down and then another walking by the lake.

Each time we adventure a few steps away, we met someone new or learn something new.

As I sat down on the rocks looking at the lake and listening to the water break, I said  a little thank you to who ever is listening above.

This was our first anniversary spent at the lake. It as a special one, this one get marked as the beginning of dreams can come turn.

And thank you again to The Love Shack.


Husband and Coco at the lake.




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