Cottage Life Includes a Lake and Boats

If there is one benefit of living is Southern Ontario, its the lakes.

I live between two lakes, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. We have the Love Shack on Lake Erie. Lake Ontario is on the other hand, a little closer.

A short time ago I had the opportunity to be down at the lake with a writing group, meeting for coffee and talking about our writing project. Once the group disbursed, I stayed and shot a few pictures of the harbour at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club.

I had a little fun later playing  with the shots, adjusting some color, and reversing them.

And whats a Cottage Blog without a few boats.



This photograph and the one below are the same picture of a sail boat coming in at sunset. The one below I have adjusting lighting.





The original shot of the Hamilton Yacht Club


This is an actual photograph, not a drawing.


Tone changes were made to the photograph


Evening sky over the Yacht Club.


I hope you enjoyed the boats.










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