Our Lady Passes on Another Gift

Every now and again, you get to have a feel good moment.

When we took down the old pumping system to put in the new cistern, the one good thing that was left behind in the cottage was the exterior pumping system. It looked like it was new, because it was.


Pump for the Water System


We posted it on Kijiji and hoped for the best. We under priced it by many of hundreds of dollars, hoping that we would not have to store it over the winter and that maybe it would end up in just the right hands.

The next day I received an email inquiring about the pumping system.  I replied back and a conversation quickly came about, which followed with a phone call, and  then arrangements for someone to come and look at the system.

To our very pleasant surprise, a family of a brother and a sister and their spouses, in their twenties showed up at the door. They had driven an hour from Niagara Falls to come and purchase the pump.

It was nice to meet them and share their excitement. They too had just purchased their Love Shack. Yes, it was in worse shape than ours, but the dream was the same.

They had not yet started their families, just early into their careers, but wanted this home to be a place to bring their future children, their families and their friends.

The young group had just gotten a wood burning stove and a generator, so heat and hydro were now going to happen, and with the addition of the pump, they would now have water.

We shared stories and plans with them and then, the address and email to the blog, in case they needed any advise we could help with. We helped carry the pump to the car and watched them drive away.

The pump was headed to Orilla, Ontario, another beautiful area for cottages.

And so our Seventy One Year Old Lady gave another gift to another family, and another smile to us.

And water to another Love Shack.




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