Things are Heating Up at the Cottage

When we gutted the cottage, we pulled out all the old electrical heat panels. They were rusted and didn’t work. We needed heat at the Love Shack and so we decide it was going to be a Cast Iron Stove. That sounds so simple.. Let’s go and order one, and so we did.


We ordered this one.


Then came the work to prepare for the stove.

First the wall went up. The decision on how large the back wall for the Cast Iron Stove was made by measuring the dimensions  of the wall, the distances from door frames and  the size of the stove. It was decided that the wall would be 55 square feet.



Fire board was attached to the wall to be the back drop for the stove. It is also a safety prevention because it is made to resist fire, and also what the stone would be attached to.



Fire Board



Electrical had to be ran to plug-in the stove so the fan would work. 33 feet of wiring was ran through the rafters to the opposite wall, that will be later attached to the thermostat.

The air vent in the ceiling had to be closed off as it would be used to run the venting pipe and a new vent was added to the roof.

Next came the shopping trip to order the stone and the procelain tile for under the stove. This was an important decision to make. Once it was done it was not something that could be easily change and would be the focal point of the cottage. I went to 8 tile stores in 3 different cities before I found stone and tile I liked.

I chose three stone colors and posted them for our friends and the Weekend Warriors to take votes on the stone color.

The vote came in with Kentucky Blue Flag Stone, which was also my favorite.


Kentucky Blue Flag Stone


The stone, and a Porcelain Sand Stone Tile was ordered to go on the floor under the stove.

55 Sq ft of Kentucky Flag Stone and 16 sq ft of porcelain came in and had to be taken up to the cottage, and carried in.

Then it had to be put on the wall.

Precision cutting, piece matching and then cemented to the wall. Piece by piece up went the wall.


View 1 of Wall


View 2 of the Wall


After the stone and porcelain were put into place, next they needed to be grouted.

Then came the team to install the stove.


The stove was brought in and put in place. The piping was attached.

The new stove with piping attached.


The exterior vent and piping was attached.


Exterior pipe for stove and a new roof vent.


Everything was in place. A large barbeque tank was attached to make sure everything was working.

Next came the delivery of the propane tank, and just in time for Fall.. We have heat at the cottage.






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