Do You Got the Paper Work? Why Yes I Do.

It’s hard to believe it’s the First of September, yet here we are with Fall waving hello in the distance.

Spring was exciting, we waited for it to come. When it did, the first official Long Weekend in Ontario, the May 24 came with it.

Way back then, I applied for that dreaded Variance to be able to make the changes to the cottage. When I applied for it, they told me my “Hearing Date” was August 9th, but my Official Date of Clearance wouldn’t be until August 29th. I thought, Oh My God what will be able to get done. Nothing , we will get nothing done this summer. How can we have no permits?

So we set about to get the paper work ready for the application. Sounds simple until you find out what they need.

Many drawings were done and submitted. Meetings with environmental inspectors, by-law inspectors and building code regulators. Then back to the drawing board to make the changes.

Then came the inspections. The cistern, the holding tank and an environmental inspection had to be done. Next came the building inspectors to make sure the house and roof line could support the changes.

All this had to be done and submitted by the end of June, to make the required for the presentation date.

We were now forbidden to touch any area in the cottage, that was submitted in the application for the Variance.

The big yellow sign went up and was posted on the house, to let all the neighbors know we had applied for a Variance.

In the mean time, we gutted, put in sub floors and re-wired what we could. We ordered the cistern and had it put in.  The walls for the bedrooms were built. Materials were ordered and delivered, and then more materials were delivered. Plumbing was attached. The stone wall was built for the Cast Iron Stove.

The cottage was one third built and still we had no Variance.

On August 9th,  I was cottage bound again. Only this time to a small court house, to stand in front of the regions officials and inspectors.

Two hours of sitting and listening to how nasty some neighbors can be to each other, that’s a blog on its own, I was called to stand in the court room in front of the board.

I walked up with a file folder full of information that I had submitted to apply for the Variance. I had every paper and form, copies of all my drawings, and I stood prepared to answer question to the board. As I looked at each of the board member’s, I knew them all.

These people sitting on the boards, were the people I had met with many times, who instructed me what I needed. The same ones who requested the changes in my drawings and who had helped me to do my applications. I was on first name bases with each of these people.

I stood a little nervous hoping I could answer the questions on the construction side, which I had learned most from my husband. I was a designer, the details of the construction and the drawings done, were done by him, this was his area of specialty.

But the Love Shack is in my name, so it was me to had to present and answer the questions.

The offer to apply was presented by the committee, the paper work was reviewed, and then the part all applicants dread, when the board offers offer the stand to anyone who has anything to offer for or against the applications.

Happy for me, no one stood. The board took a vote, and the first part of the Variance was approved.

Next came the twenty day waiting game.  Once your application has been approved and all requirements have been met, a person can still appeal your application.

Yippee yah! The time has passed. No on has appealed, and we can now have our paper work. Now the only thing we have to do … Is yes.. Pay for the building permits…. No the cost for all those inspection or the Variance, does not cover the cost of the building permits…

The good news is, we can finish our bedrooms and next spring, we start off with the permits in hand, because yes it’s September First and opening the side of the house at this time of the year could be real iffy, in Ontario by the lake, in cottage country.

We can keep working, and the good news is, we have heat. That’s the next blog.

And the house warming gifts for the cottage keeps growing.


Pillow cover for the couch , with the date of the purchase.






















Are you seeing  a decor pattern and color pattern starting here?

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