The Cistern is In

It had finally arrived, our new high-tech water cistern with submersed pumping and heated lines… Six weeks waiting and it was time to bring it in.

We started with this.


old cistern
The old cistern



First came in the back hoe to open the ground.  Then the old cistern was drained of the old water, and then the cistern was dug up.

Next came the Back-hoe, to break up the old concrete. (Cistern are made of concrete.)  The cistern was broken into the ground, and its remains were left in the bottom of the old hole.

Next came a truck load of sand and stone mix to fill the ground, preventing the ground from sinking, where the old one sat.

With the old cistern gone, it was time to make room for the new one to come in.

The Back-hoe was put to use again, to dig a very large hole and a trench to run the connecting wires was dug by hand.

In came the Flat-bed with the new cistern on back, and a Crane, to lift it into the ground.



A new Cistern being placed.


It was leveled, and clean fill went around most of it.


The pump was submerged into the tank, and the Water Truck came, putting 2000 gallons of water in.


The wires were laid to be attached to the electrical system in the house.


The marked electrical wires.



New Cistern Top


It all seemed quiet easy, and then the next parts came.


A small tank had to be added to the inside of the house, that was for pressure. Then the wires had to be run into the house and attached to the electrical panel and a switch , to turn it on and off was added.

The plumbing had to be attached to the toilet and the sinks.

All the electrical and plumbing had to be run under the house, in the crawl space.


And here come the electrician and the inspectors again. Which means, we had to leave it open and looking like this…..


The big dirt pile, other wise known as the former front lawn.


The electrician came and checked the hook up and the panel box. A few days later, the inspector came and checked it too. All was good, and all has passed Inspection.

Back came the BobCat, to fill in the rest of the holes in the front lawn.

We now having running water, that you can shower in and yes, drink too.

As for the lawn…. Well maybe next year…






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  1. Congrats on getting a big new cistern! I wanted to tell you that I read your story and what a beautiful real fairy tale. Sometimes life is colored by our perspectives, our ability to persevere and see the bright moments with an attitude of gratefulness. 🙂


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