Time to Play

After three months of gutting, drilling, hammering and hauling materials to the cottage, it was time to play.

Today was not about what we could get done. It was time to do what the cottage was built for, entertain the Weekend Warriors and their families. Our family.

Cottage bound. Swims Suits packed. Water Guns and Water Balloons packed and more food than we needed. Everyone met at the cottage.


First it was a group shot of the Weekend Warriors

The Weekend Warriors


And a shot of our Junior Warriors, who one day would be become the Weekend Warriors.

The Junior Warriors


We soon learned when you give big kids power tools and they have no work to do, they find other uses for tools. You can hanging gear on your friends, and hang them from trees.

Strap them up


johny 4
Hang them loose.


And then insert a friend. And you have male antics.

boy 3
Add a friend, now you can swing in the tree.


The girls are much more creative. Give them a power tool and they can help a friend with a little cosmetic surgery.

butt lift
A Butt Lift for me, truly appreciated by the group.


With food unpacked and group pictures shot, it was time for the beach. The day brought us Sunshine and 30 Degree Celsius heat.


beach 2
Our Beach


There are platforms to jump off. Sand to play in and water that felt like bath water, thanks to our very hot summer this year in Ontario.


the beach
The platform in the lake. Yes, you can walk to it. This is a large sandbar.


They headed to the platform, little kids and big one too.


wter 4
Playing on the platform.


And Lake Erie, kindly gave them waves to jump in too.


water 3
Wave Jumping.


When they were played out, back to the cottage they came. The excitement, as our youngest Junior Warier, Noah who is five, told me all about the beach and his first time at a real beach.

The biggest smile I had, was watching  my daughter-in-law, Karen, who eyes smiled as big as Noah’s, and her excitement level was just as high. She had found her beach.

The biggest laugh I got, was when I encouraged them to come up and use the cottage. Even when we are not there, they all have keys to the cottage. They, Karen and Anna, agreed use the cottage more, and kindly offered to text me, when I was at work,  pictures of them on the beach. With a smile I say, and now you can see why I love them.

It was time to start up the grill. All  the summer favorites foods were brought, and made by the ladies. We had enough food to feed our small army and then some too.

The girls set up the tables with food, while the men did what men do, collect around the barbaque to grill. It was time to sit back, enjoy dinner, and some conversation.


Emily, Chris and Noah


Mario, Sherri and Emily


Anna, Johnny, Gianluca and Lennon
Karen and Vania



The laughter and chatter was heard from the kitchen, inside where husband and I stood looking out the window, happy to see our family enjoying this day. When no one was looking, we stole a private kiss.

With all the belly’s full and the hot weather still on us, it was time to burn off some of those calories and time for a little letting loose.

Chris and Sherri had filled up the water balloons, while the others were at the beach. The water guns were loading up and it was time for a little fun.

Off to the field with a laundry basket full of water balloons, and hands loaded with water guns. It was time for a Game of Warriors.


On Your Mark, Get Set and Go… It was open Warfare… No kid to big, No kid to small, We got them all.


water fight 2


water fight 1

water fight 5

water fight 3

water fight 11



water fight 6


After everyone was dried off, it was time for dessert. Ice cream cones, the Warrior Cake, and Anna’s famous Tiramisu.





Evening came, children were tired. It was time to pack up the cars and head home. Hugs and kisses for everyone, were exchanged.

As husband and I drove home, Coco slept, worn out from all the play, we talked about our wonderful day.

This day was filled with love and laughter. We laughed about the antics, and smiled about our big family.

There is always something that stand out in each day. For me there were two very special conversations. The first with Emily. I have some up coming surgery. She asked if we could get a wheel chair, so she could push me around and take photographs of the wild life with me. The chair idea scares me just a bit on the gravel road, but I did agree to walking and bring our cell phones in case we need a ride back.

The second was with Noah. He asked if I lived the cottage.

I said, it was our summer home.

He asked, what a summer home?

I explained to him that it was a place to go and spend time, during the summer.

He asked me, who’s summer home it was.

I said, it was all of ours.

He asked, if it was his too.

I said, it was.

He smiled, and asked me, if we could come back up and go to the beach, shoot more pictures and have water balloon fights.

I said, we could. He was happy and went back to drinking his juice box.





Noah summed up the day for us. Through his five year old eyes, he seen the simplicity of life. That’s what it all it all about, the cottage is just that, a place for the family to play.

As we drove home, I thanked our 71 year old lady, the Love Shack, for making it so simple.

She is only one third finished, and already, she has made memories and smiles.


To end our perfect day, the sky on the way home gave us a beautiful view, to end our beautiful day.



















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