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The first walls were up and rooms are now starting to resemble bedrooms. This sent my mind to thinking, that we should do something to mark the time of the renovation on our seventy-one year old lady.

Many times in construction jobs, we had come across old beer bottles and notes left by workers. Many newspapers from the time of building have been found. And there odds and ends, such as keys, pieces of jewelry and old coins.

From this, came the idea of putting in a Time Capsule in one of the completed walls came.

First, we invited all the Weekend Warriors to start thinking about what they would like to add. Then of course, we needed to think of what we would like to add.

I said to my husband, it would also be nice to have a picture of the original home. That grew into, it would be nice to include the original home and family.

As luck would be, one of the original owners, the son and first purchaser with his father, happened to at his cottages. I strolled over and went for a little visit, and told him what I was planning to do. Not only did he love the idea, he offered to see what he could find picture wise.

Last weekend he came to visit and brought me this wonderful gift.  Pictures of the cottage and of his family, at the cottage.

Theses pictures will be added to the Time Capsule, when it is ready to go into the wall.

A very special thank you, goes to Tony, for sharing this gift with me and my readers.They will be put into the wall, with pictures of our family and our Weekend Warriors.



the orignal house
The Cottage when she was first built.


the fishing boat
The back view. And the old Bass Boat.


cottage next door
The Cottage next door.


Looking at the three views you can tell  when the cottages were built, they were all built at the same time, and to look the same.



the dad
The original dad, with his prize fish in his hand and hunting trophies hanging on the back wall.


Three of the brothers
Three of the original brothers and owners.



Babies came.


4 kids
The families grew .


familes grew
And the families got larger.



and more big fish 2
Fish were caught.


Birthday parties
 And Birthdays were celebrated.


desk added
The deck was added.


big fish.6
The children got larger and so did the fish.


big fish
Bigger children and bigger fish.


Today the cottage around our lady all look different. They have been renovated by the owners. Many of whom, are from this family.

Again thank you to Tony, who shared these photos with us, a very special gift.The originals have been returned to the family. The copies will going in the Time Capsule.


Watch for future blogs, when the Time Capsule is ready, I will do a Blog on it.
















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