The Electrician that was not Electrifying.

And so we waited. And then we waited. And then we waited.

Six weeks into the building game, we thought we had everything lined up and ready to go before we started. We got a referral to an electrician, meet with him. Took him up to the cottage, told him what we needed. Agreed on the price and the work load and we were ready. Or so we thought.

He came right away, put in the new breaker box. His work was excellent. Nice guy,experienced and easy to communicate with. Awesome.

And then we waited. And we waited and we waited.

After two week of him not returning our call, we got concerned. He finely returned the call and said he had been ill. Sorry to hear this. He had put us two weeks behind, but if he was ill, we completely understood.

Then next he was supposed to line up the inspection and approval by the inspector. Again we waited and we waited.

We were under the impression that the inspector had been to busy to get out to the cottage. So we waited some more.

Finally again after not hearing from the hired electrician, the husband picked up the phone and called the inspector himself. It turned out that the inspection had been done and approved, days ago.

What the hell comes to mind here.

But we waited again, after all the man had been sick. Maybe he was sick again. The nurse in me said lets give him some time and see what he has to say. The contractor in my husband stated getting suspicious.

The inspector gave us consent to go ahead and build  the bedrooms. The Weekend Warriors got back to work.

The insulation went in. Next came the vapor bearer. Then the taping of each pleat and cut in the vapor bearer was done.


insulation 2
Insulation is in


vapior bearer
The Vapor Bearer is up and the Taping is done.



Sheet by sheet, each dry wall sheet was cut to fit and screwed into the framing. We now had what actually looked like the start of rooms.


first sheet 1
That exciting moment when the First Piece of Dry Wall went up.


room 1
Yes we have a Ceiling and Upper Walls.


dry walls


dry wall 2
And More Walls.



The old cistern got broken up and buried in the ground, and in came the new cistern.The trenches were dug for the wiring and put into place.

The new cistern had many parts that needed an electrician to hook up. The pump was submersed into the tank. It need to be attached to the pressure tank in the house. A new switch needed to be added in the house. The heater for the new pump needed another wire. All of them needed to be attached to the breaker box. All of them needed an electrician to do this for electrical regulations and warranty.

We now had no water at the cottage and had to carry water in. We called the electrician again.

Days went by, and again we have not heard from the hired electrician. We are now weeks behind on building, all related to the electrician.

Hallelujah, finally, he called back. But he is working on wiring a pool and can’t come for another week?

Husband is now very suspicious of this man. It was time to check out his credential and see what he had actually done.

He was a Master Electrician as said. But what was not said was that he took out our permits two weeks later than he had said. This put us under new standards which meant the boxes in the breaker box had to come under the new regulations. The one we had paid for now were no good and needed up grades at sixty dollars per connection box. And he was putting us another two weeks behind and leaving us with out water.

Husband did what he does best, and contacted the other tradesmen he knows. Through effort of friends and the good old fashion phone book, he was able to find another electrician.

This was wonderful. The man came that next day to look at the job. He could come in two days to hook up the water and the pump. The problem was now we had to pay for another permit, because electricians all have to have their own permit as they are responsible for what they do.

He did as promised. He came and hooked up all the needed wires. Confirmed that everything that had been done so far was up to code and regulations.  Took out our new permit and had arraigned for another inspection. Yes, another inspection. The inspector will be there on Wednesday. I will be meeting him.

We now had a new electrician who not only kept his promise, he went beyond and above to rescue us from the un-professionalism of the other electrician. He also became my hero.


We are now back on scheduled. We have water, electrical in the bedrooms and the dry wall is up. The added bonus is the new dining tent and table have been set up.


dining 1
Coco and the New Dining Tent and Table.


As I am home writing this, the Warriors are back up at the cottage. This time laying the porcelain tile for the Cast Iron Stove to be placed on. They are also putting the flag stone on the wall behind where the stove will sit and cutting a hole in the roof for the new vent required for the stove.

The Cast Iron Stove will be put in, in two weeks. Its the first week of August. Heat will be needed in less than eight weeks, it gets chilly in the Fall by the lake. Fingers crossed that goes smoothly.

Four more weeks before the variance will be cleared and ready to have permits drawn up.

Fingers crossed that there will be no more glitches to set us back.

Silly girl. Of course there will be, this is the construction world.


Now if only our first electrician had this kind of energy…..





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