Yes Cottage Life has a Mrs. Kravitz’s Too

Lets take a journey back into time. Travel back to 1964 when a TV show came out about a lovely blonde witch from the East Coast. It was called Bewitched.

The main character was Samantha Stephens. Every one loved Samantha. You waited for the show to come on to see what kind of antics would happen.

There was her husband Darren, who spent much time explaining what was going on in his house. Their daughter Tabitha, an inexperienced witch, with poor amine. And Samantha’s mother Endora, the dotting grandmother and mother-in-law from hell.

Then there was Gladys Kravitz’s. Gladys was that nosy neighbor who was always looking out the window, hiding behind the curtain. She was tactless and gossiped. She seemed to know everyone’s business and shared it freely, while coming across as the concerned neighbor. She brought cookies just to get in the door.

You know that neighbor everyone has one. They are the first one to welcome you to the neighborhood as you are pulling into the driveway.

You haven’t unpacked your first box when you know everyone business in the neighborhood.

Mrs. Kravitz will come across as your best friend. She is there to give you advise on where to shop. Where to find things. Who is the best of everything in town, and who is related to who.

Then there are the complaints too. Who’s dog is running loose. Which neighbor has loud parties.  And the important details like who fence is sitting on someone else’s property line or why the fence shouldn’t have been put there.

As time goes by, you get to know Mrs. Kravitz better than you want too. You also get to know all your neighbors business. Where they work. How many children they have. Where their other homes are. All the details of the neighbors come freely from Mrs. Kravitz.

Then the interesting thing starts to happen. You know all the stuff Mrs. Kravitz told you on your first day in, well something starts to happen when Mrs. Kravitz start seeing you get to know the other neighbors.

She starts back tracking on what she said. Suddenly the noisy neighbor’s who all show up with the big group, the ones who were partiers. They now become nice people.

The dogs that ran loose and shit all over her lawn, are nice dogs and aren’t a pain at all anymore.

The fence, well that is no big deal either. Actually be careful of the fence. You might hear through the other neighbors that you complained about it. The fact that you haven’t been there for weeks,  that its not on your property or that you can’t even see it, make no difference to Mrs. Kravitz.

You know those people. The Mrs Kravitz’s. We have them in our neighborhood. We also work with them, and yes we have them in cottage life too.

When you see Mrs. Kravitz coming, be ready with your excuses to be able to get away quickly. Don’t take the cookies, and remember that if she is telling you all the neighbors business, she is looking for your business to tell the neighbors.

Now before you say that’s women for you. Our Mrs Kravitz has a bald head. A beer belly. Needs to shave daily. And he has too much free time on his hands.




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