Photography Contest

the lake
Morning Fog on Riley Lake

Now its your turn to share your Pictures. This contest is open for you to submit your pictures. I am looking for your pictures from this Summer of 2016.

There are three categories: Summer at the Cottage, Building at the Cottage and Wildlife from the Cottage.

Summer ends on the 21 of September, 2016. The closing date for submission ends on that day.

Winners will be announced on October 15, 2016.

Contest Rules

1) By submitting  your pictures, you agree to having your picture and name shared on this Blog.

2) All pictures must be submitted electronically.

3) The pictures can not be signed at time of submission. To make for fair judging, the photographers identity can not be shared with the judges. At time of posting the photographer will be notified and then can resubmitted the photograph with their signature, but no alteration can be made on the photograph.

4) Only the actually photographer can submit their picture. The owner of this Blog takes no responsibility for false submission of work submitted by contestants.

5) Along with the submission, a story of the photograph must be submitted with a maximum  word count of 500 words.

6) One winner will be picked for each category.

7) The prize for each category is $25, paid in Canadian Dollars.

8) Photos will be judges on originality, clarity and interest. The more unique the better.

9) The photographer must have  the consent of the people in their photograph.

10) Photographs can not be returned, but will not be used for any other reason than this contest without consent of the contestant.

11)There is limit of submission of 1 photograph per category per contestant.

12) The owner of this Blog takes no responsibility of any legal actions related to false submission, use of product names, lack of consent, copy rights or any other form of illegal act.

13) All decisions are final.


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