Women Can Use Power Tools

Day 2 . With all the trash out it was time to start laying the sub-floors.

With all the old flooring off, we discovered why it was cold in the cottage. There was a one inch gab that ran around the edge of the cottage between the floor and the walls.

Enrico and Brad set to work cutting boards. As they measured the boards and laid the boards down, Christine and Sherri got to work with a triangle, a box of screws and two power drills, to screw the floor down. They measured, mark and put in screws.

I tried to get involved but I quickly learned that I should step back and let them go. They were not giving up those drills for nothing.

Lesson number one: Don’t come between a women and her power tools.

By day two I had learned that my position was supervisors, organizer and clean up. I was also the cook, chef on the grill and photographer. My jobs had been established.

I got it all together. Bring the food and cook it. Organize the group for each day. Make sure they had supplies and take lots of pictures. They had food, drinks and supplies. It was time to get out of the way and let them go.

In one day they laid all the sub-floors. The guys cut them and laid them down. The girls screwed them down. By day two we had gone from Demo to starting to build the Love Shack.

The thing I found the most surprising, was how solid the cottage felt once the  floor was in.

The thing I like the most was, once the one inch gab that ran around the cottage was  closed, it felt warmer in the cottage and it also kept all the lady bugs and spiders out.

The thing that impressed me most, those girls weren’t afraid of the getting dirty. Not only were they down on the floor with the power tools, they were loving it.

power 1
Chris and Sherri with there Drills
sub 1
The Sub floor was in


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