Demo Day

This is Day 1. The pictures of what the team did in 6.5 hours. We completely gutted the cottage. The 1970s was gone and we took her back to her bare-bones.

des 1
Carlos and Nikki, with the help of Vania, pulled up the floors.
Des 2
Johnny took down bedroom number 2. When he opened up the wall, he found a surprise… Ants and 100’s of them came crawling out of the old insulation. They were quickly vacuumed up and we were happy to say that hadn’t done any damage to the structure and we didn’t find them anywhere else.
des 3
The next bedroom was Enrico’s to do. Enrico is 6 ft 1″. You can see by the picture the height of the ceiling. No ladder requires for this job.
des 5
A few hours later and lots of hands involved in carrying the junk out. The bedroom is now gone and the ceiling is now open.
des 6
The ceiling is now open and the 6-foot ceiling are now 18-foot ceilings…
Chris and Barry took on the kitchen…
20160521_110328 (1)
Vania and Nikki had the pleasure of taking down bedroom number 3 and the infamous walk-in closet. That would be the board that Vania is hanging on to.
des 7
The ceilings are all open. You can see the roof-line and boards are in great shape.
des 11
The old beams. You will see the replacement in up and coming pictures.
des 8
All we kept of the kitchen was the sink and the counter. As you can see they were temporally kept for the important things, Running water, a place to keep the coffee maker and of course… The Beer Frig.
des 9
The floors, ceilings, and walls are all gone. And the next day we started building.

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